Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Book 3: Pages 3-4 (juniperberry)

Book 3: Pages 3-4 (juniperberry)
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The second entry in Book 3 was created by Jenni Ohnstad (juniperberry on Etsy).

Here's what Jenni has written about her entry:

I utilized my love of typography to focus on creativity. When you combine Create (to evolve one's own thought or imagination) and Heart (to freely give oneself to the world), you are sure to produce something that will speak to others. To truly create something from the heart takes courage, but it will always be your best and most meaningful work. I love that Etsy is a place where people can share a bit of themselves with others.

I used Yes! paste to glue a swirl of tissue paper on my pages, colored pencil to draw my words, and a gocco print to give it some colorful texture. Thanks for allowing me to share a bit of myself with the world through this journal and Etsy!

Jenni Ohnstad