Friday, May 18, 2007

Book 2; pages 11-12 (haikubird)

Pages 11-12 of Book 2 were created by Susan Kelly (haikubird on Etsy).

Here is what Susan wrote in the companion writing journal about her artwork:


The traveling journal arrived just a couple weeks shy of my five month Etsy 'anniversary.' Since signing up for this project I have wondered what I would create when my turn came.

Last fall, essentially out of the blue, I began drawing hummingbirds using colored pencils and acrylics, and pairing them with haiku assembled from text cut from old books. In December I opened my shop in order to sell these drawings. Over the five months of running my shop I have striven to create artwork as often as possible. My media and subject matter have increased and diversified.

This collage includes a pen & ink drawing of a hummingbird perched on a cloud in the semi-abstract style I have developed. It includes an ACEO with a cut-paper haiku -- I have found making ACEOs in all kinds of mixed-media quite addictive. And finally, it includes a photograph called "Blue Shadows" that I took in San Francisco. Photographs are the newest addition to my shop.

These pages represent my evolution as an artist, and the outlook I try to uphold -- do something creative every day.

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Steph said...

haikubrid is one of my favorites! This is a fabulous page!