Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Book 3: pages 5-6 (bellaroo)

Book 3: pages 5-6 (bellaroo), originally uploaded by etsyjournal.

The third spread of Book 3 was created by Amy Boling (bellaroo on Etsy).

This shot includes her entry in the written companion journal. Here is an excerpt from the wondrous things Amy wrote:

I use a lot of eggs. But don't confuse this for something Easter themed. The eggs are actually pods. And pods can be anything – Thoughts, potential, growth, obstacles, infatuations. –But they are always there. We all have our pods. Sometimes they are perched on top of our heads and they are very heavy. Sometimes they are balanced so perfectly there that they seem to weigh nothing at all. Sometimes they are hidden all around us in plain sight. I have my fair share of them and so do you.

Amy diligently tracked her process working on the journal. More photos of her detailed process can be seen on her personal Flickr photoset.

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