Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Book 3: pages 7-8 (beadwined)

Book 3: pages 7-8 (beadwined), originally uploaded by etsyjournal.

Pages 7-8 of Book 3 were created by Kelly Bauer (beadwined on Etsy). Here's what Kelly wrote about her contribution to the etsyjournal project:

Peonies. I'm not some big fan of peonies or anything, but I do have one
large old peony bush in my back yard. I suppose that's where my
inspiration came from.

I looked out one day last week during unseasonably warm Ohio weather
and expected to see the peony bush sprouted out from hybernation, full
of buds and blooms. Bumble bees would be bumbling around the large
ruffled flowers. A small pesky ant mount would have been newly
constructed next to the mass of foliage.

None of this was there though. It stuck in my head. When exactly had it
come up last year? I don't recall. I just remember the large soft pink
blooms and their light fragrance.

I decided to stylize my spread after an antique garden advertisement a
gardener might have seen years & years ago, possibly when my giant
peony bush had been planted.

What did I use? Scraps from an antique style gardening catalog printed
on newsprint. Mod Podge. Acrylic paint. And the memory of last years

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Ellen said...

this is a lovely idea! i love it :-)