Saturday, February 10, 2007

getting started

We will be sending out confirmation emails to everyone early next week, so keep an eye out for that important information.

We have decided to make a few changes to the scope of the project, in order to keep it moving quickly and allowing more people to participate at the same time.

Each book will now include 25 participants. Each person gets one week with the book to create whatever they'd like on a 2-page spread. We will be starting off with four books and the first 100 people who signed up. If you didn't make the first 100, don't worry! We're certain to be starting additional books soon, and are keeping everyone's information stored for the next round.


Jessica Torrant said...

I just got my email, and I am so excited! Thanks to all for coordinating this amazing event. Can't wait to see them in NYC, too.


yael said...

Excellent idea! But... for those who live (like me) so far from NY... may be a "digital journal"?

shoofly said...

This is so awesome, thanks for setting it up! I got my e.mail, and look forward to receiving the book, yay!

jacQ said...

hihi! :) i think i've got to sign up here as well? For a chance at the Etsy Journal?

Please let me know if i've got a spot!!! so excited!!!

etsyjournal said...

JacQ-- you need to send your registration information to etsyjournal@gmail.com

yael-- We hope to offer reproductions of the books. We also will be posting photos/scans here and on Flickr.

juniperberry said...

Can you tell us what size the book pages are? Since we only have a week, I'd like to "plan" out my page design a bit (yes, I am a control freak).

norahz said...

I would love to participate in the Etsy Journal! Just signed up via e-mail...Hope there's still time left.