Thursday, February 8, 2007

Official Guidelines

------- SIGNING UP ----

  • Each participant must sign up by sending their name, address, Etsy shop name & email address to etsyjournal@gmail.com

  • Participation will be on a first com, first served basis of getting your sign-up request.

  • Each participant will be notified that you are next in line when your address is sent to the person before you (all done by email).

  • IF a participant desires to be "skipped" due life circumstances, please email etsyjournal@gmail.com immediately upon getting your 'next in line' notification.

  • Participant MUST email etsyjournal@gmail.com when you get the book to find out where to send it next. No contact information is sent with the book itself for privacy reasons.

  • Each participant gets a 2-page spread; you will be assigned page numbers when you get your 'next in line' notification email.

  • Do not alter anyone else's artwork, or use pages not assigned to you. (If you make a mistake, look at it as an opportunity for your entry to "evolve" into something else; be creative.)

  • Please write about your entry in the small companion book (at least giving your page numbers, name & etsy shop name -- but hopefully more).

  • Please scan or photograph your pages before sending the book, then email images to etsyjournal@gmail.com for the blog.

  • Participants can have the book for up to ONE WEEK maximum. Please ship promptly.

  • Please ship with Delivery Confirmation, if available. This book is one of a kind; we don't want to lose it!

  • By signing up, all participants agree to pay all shipping costs out of your own pocket. You also agree to pay for international shipping if necessary.

This project is organized by myself (http://stellaloella.etsy.com) and Heather (http://DecadenceDesigns.etsy.com). Feel free to Convo either of us on Etsy, or email etsyjournal@gmail.com with questions.

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Lou fedorick said...

What a wonderful idea , It will so great to see how different artist will fill these pages. I Love it . thanks guys a great idea.